Last week we completed our ‘Blooming Lovely’ flower pot project. This project was supported by Sligo County Council Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) and was aimed at helping people re-connect with someone who might need a lift after a difficult year.

People applied to be part of it through and they picked up the makings of a flower pot last Thursday 24th June. These volunteers have been using their flower pot to help them reconnect with neighbours, friends or relatives who they haven’t been able to see in a while, or who need a lift. Some built them together, others did the planting themselves and gifted them ready to go. All the recipients received instructions and materials to help their plants thrive and the aim is that this will keep the connection going, as well as a little sweet treat that they could share over a cuppa and a chat.

Here are some of the stories they told about about who they would gift the pot to:

‘My friend who lost his grandma last year almost around this time’

‘I’m going to give it to my neighbour who’s old and didn’t like that we couldn’t visit her during lockdown, she loves flowers’

‘A friend who has had a gruelling few years health-wise but is making a slow but steady recovery from lung cancer’

‘My neighbour that are both on PUP and have no job. I hope that the box will bring the smile to their faces’

‘My neighbour who is unwell, she loves flowers’

‘I have a friend who has had serious difficulties during COVID and loves flowers’

‘I am going to give it to a lady who I was unable to see during lockdown. I am hoping it will help to cheer her up and look at things in more positive way’

Thanks to all the volunteers, to Vanessa Clarke, Dympna and Sam, to Carraroe Community Centre for their carpark and Sligo County Council LCDC whose funding made this project possible.