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Sligo Volunteer Centre: Volunteer Development Officer & Administrative Support Officer                                                     Positions: Volunteer Development Officer & Administrative Support Officer          Office Base: Sligo Town                                                                            Report to: Centre Manager About Sligo Volunteer Centre                                                                                                                Sligo Volunteer Centre is a service that, matches individuals who would like to volunteer with volunteer involving organisations. We provide a range of services including [...]

Showcasing-our-Work Part 7: Here’s Bernadette Crilly of The Neurology Support Centre

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Carrying on with our series of stories from volunteers and non-profits who have used our service, this one comes from Bernadette Crilly, Director of Services at the Neurology Support Centre (https://neurologysc.ie/). Why did you take on volunteers? For various programmes - befriending, gardening, and hospitality. Would you do it again? Yes, definitely. Did you find the [...]

Part 6 Showcasing-our-Work: Introducing Des Kennedy, Volunteer Leader

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To showcase what we get up to here in Sligo Volunteer Centre and how we can help people, we have compiled a few stories from volunteers and non-profits who have used our service.  This is the sixth of these stories and this one comes from Des Kennedy, Volunteer and Volunteer Leader. A little about me: My name [...]

Showcasing our Work Part 5: Meet Teresa Conway of Havin’ a Laugh, Foróige and the NCBI

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This is Part 5 of the Showcasing-our-Work series of stories of volunteers and non-profits. Introducing Teresa Conway who volunteers at Havin' a Laugh, Foróige and the NCBI. Name: Teresa Conway Where do you volunteer? I volunteer with Havin' a Laugh (https://www.havinalaugh.com/) charity, Foróige (https://www.foroige.ie/, youth organisation) and recently NCBI (https://www.ncbi.ie/) working for people with sight loss. What [...]

Showcasing-our-Work Part 4: This is Monica Mc Elhinney, Focus Ireland and Donal Parsons Trust

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Our Showcasing-our-Work series of stories of volunteers and non-profits who have used our service continues. This time we meet Monica Mc Elhinney of Focus Ireland and the Donal Parsons Trust. What has been your involvement with Sligo Volunteer Centre? Over the years I have engaged with the Volunteer Centre for a few different organisations. The one [...]


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  Microvolunteering- National Volunteering Week 2021 This National Volunteering Week, we’re asking people to think small! Whether it’s an action you can take to support your community like picking up litter or doing something for yourself like meditation or enjoying a hot bath, even the smallest acts can have a big impact. The last year has been [...]

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