Tips & Tricks Series: Governance and Finance

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Not the most exciting of topics - but a very necessary one. We were delighted to have Kathya O' Neill with us to deliver a short overview of the Charities Regulator and Charities Governance Code as well as some practical financial basics for not for profits. Kathya is a Trustee on our Board, a Chartered Accountant [...]

Sligo Volunteer Centre seeks two new Trustees

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We are currently looking to recruit two new Trustees for our Board of Trustees to help steer our ship for the next two years. The first volunteer Trustee must have communications and publicity expertise. The second role requires legal and governance experience. What's required? We have compiled a complete list of duties and a description for [...]

Our 2019 Annual Report is available

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The Sligo Volunteer Centre's 2019 Annual Report is published. We are delighted to share our 2019 Annual Report which highlights our key achievements and impacts. It provides a snapshot of who is using our services; our beneficiaries. It describes the challenges we encountered last year and how we tackled them. The report also lays out our [...]

Sligo Volunteer Centre win Good Governance Award at National Ceremony

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Good Governance is about creating a culture in an organisation. Sligo Volunteer Centre earned a Good Governance Award for their governance initiative in upskilling all Trustees on their role and the Charities Regulator Governance Code. The aim is to empower Trustees and take the 'fear' out of Governance.

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