The Sligo response

Many people have been reaching out and extending a warm Irish welcome in communities where Ukrainian people have arrived.

We are here to help in a number of ways.

I want to Volunteer

Volunteer Roles will be posted here based on the needs around the County, and people will be invited to apply for those roles as they come up. You can register your interest in volunteering here.

Some roles will require screening and Garda Vetting if they are working directly with children.

My Community Group is involved

Any community group or response group involved with such volunteers should make contact with Sligo Volunteer Centre for support.

We are reaching out and seeing what the needs are. In the meantime, we invite any co-ordinating group to make contact with us where we can advise on:

  • Structuring your Volunteer Programme.
  • Identifying the needs and developing volunteer roles.
  • Scheduling & Rostering volunteers.
  • Safeguarding for  volunteers – what to be aware of when setting up a volunteer programme; when Garda Vetting may be required.
  • We can process Garda Vetting when relevant to the role.
  • Signposting to other agencies – we have a good understanding of the many great agencies and organisations out there and our experienced staff should be able to direct you to other sources in the community.
  • A Code of Conduct for Volunteers involved.

We have an add on to our Insurance Cover that can be extended to community groups and volunteers involved in activities related to the response. This is free to you and is available to any community group or related volunteer who registers with us. Contact us for details.

We also have a panel of volunteer translators who we can reach out to if your community has a need for this service.

This is an evolving response, so please do check back for regular updates.


People have been very generous with donations and support.

It is more effective if donations can be chanelled according to need.

When items that are not needed are donated, it can leave a sorting and storage problem.

Charity shops are a great source for everyone, and welcome donations of clothes and other items. We are developing a handy go-to guide of the local Charity Shops and what they each accept and stock (Map coming soon).

We are also running a donation drive for welcome packs to have for when people arrive.

If you wish to donate to the humanatarian effort you can check out which agencies are currently accepting donations on

Tips for any individual or group engaging with displaced people

  • It is always a good idea to check in with the accomodation provider if your offers of help are needed at this time.

  • Sometimes new arrivals need space and time to adjust to new surroundings before engaging with people in the wider community.

  • Things can be missed or misinterpreted when people do not share the same language. Try to be clear and reflect back on what a person is saying to ensure you understand them correctly or that they understand you.

  • Use an interpreter or a translation app if possible.

  • Talk and listen to the people you engage with, directly or through an appropriate third party. Aim to understand the lived experience of each person. Do not assume anything based on what you have heard or seen through the media.

  • The situations people have come from- many are traumatized and anxious. This can leave them fearful of people – particularly people in authority.

  • Be respectful of ethnic, national, and cultural differences.

  • Do not offer legal or medical advice or opinions about political developments.

Useful resources locally and nationally

  • Sligo County Council have a dedicated webpage detailing the work of the local Community Response Taskforce and some uesful resources and signposting. You will find information here from the HSE, from TUSLA and from the Department of Social Protection and from the ETB in relation to English Language classes as well as other local support agencies. Access here.
  • Information on Driving in Ireland in Ukrainian and Russian from the Road Safety Authority. See here
  • Water Safety Advice translated to Ukrainian. See here.