UPDATE 07.09.21- Thank you from a recipient!

Last November we joined forces with DVAS – Domestic Violence Advocacy Service so people could donate new goods for people fleeing domestic violence.

This morning we received a really lovely letter & 2 photos in the post from a recipient of those goods who wants us to pass on her gratitude. Here’s a snippet from the letter:

“To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement, I burst into tears when I saw how generous people had been. There was everything I needed – duvets, linen, towels, delph etc. right down to practical items like toilet roll and washing up liquid. It made a very stressful situation much lighter and easier to bear. It helped enormously not just from a practical point of view, but also on an emotional level, to experience that level of kindness, compassion and generosity from complete strangers that I will never meet.”




The CRiTiCALL project was launched in Sligo in mid November. The idea was to partner with the local domestic violence service – DVAS – to run a drive for donations to kit out the safe houses in Sligo, used as temporary accommodation for women and children escaping violent situations.

Andersons Bar & Grill kindly donated their space as a drop off point. We reached out to our database of registered volunteers and the immediate response was overwhelming. People kindly committed to donate household items, personal hygiene packs and children’s books and toys. Others bought vouchers for supermarkets and One4All vouchers – which are always useful to have to assist people who need the practical day to day shopping as well.

The newly established Divisional Protective Services Unit in the local Garda Station was hugely supportive, with a number of donations coming from that team.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their donations and the video above is a message from Carmel who was overwhelmed with the response and explains here how the donations will be used.