It has been a challenging week for everyone – not least of all the community and voluntary sector. What is heartening is how our communities are consolidating at this time and pulling together to ensure that the most vulnerable amongst us are looked after and protected during this time.

It has been a busy week for the network of Volunteer Centres and for Volunteer Ireland and by way of update as to where things are at and how we can support you in your wonderful  grass roots work in communities all around Sligo.

First and foremost we are encouraging anyone who can volunteer to assist to register here:

You may not be called upon today or tomorrow – but we are gathering an army of volunteers to be prepared.

Secondly, as there are lots of local community response groups now all over the County, and existing groups who are focusing on how to now assist their service users we want to let you know:

  1. You can register on our database also by clicking here:

We are here to support you around how to best involve volunteers in your community response, to provide templates and advice to simplify the process and ensure that your volunteers and your vulnerable friends and neighbours are safe. Check out the templates that have been developed to date here:

  1. A series of online training and videos are being developed to support you to support your community. We will let you know as soon as these are ready.
  2. We are teaming up with Sligo PPN to communicate to all groups in County Sligo to assess where the greatest needs lie so as we can establish the roles for volunteers and mobilise them. When you get our survey in the coming days you can complete it and get back to us.
  3. Volunteer Ireland and the network of Volunteer Centres were part of a press conference by the Department of Rural And Community Development held today, 20th March. We are proud to be part of a national community response effort and support our local community.  To read the press release see here:
  4. The Charities Regulator have issued information for charities at this time on how to maintain a level of functionality at this time in relation to meetings and deadlines around governance. See here:

We look forward to working with you and seeing how we can support you in the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 071-911 1042 or

Stay Safe!


Communication Support Pack for Communities – DRCD

Templates for involving volunteers/mobilising community volunteers – Volunteer Ireland & the Network of Volunteer Centres