We were delighted to host Mary Kilroy and Loretta McLoughlin, Social Prescribing Coordinators for Co. Sligo recently on Zoom.  You can watch the event back by clicking the video above (20 min watch).
The idea of Social Prescribing is that in addition to the prescription or referrals for counselling etc. a GP can offer someone who is feeling low, they can chat with Mary or Loretta who will help them develop a ‘social prescription’ for themselves. The confidential discussion will explore all aspects of their health and wellbeing. Then together, they can develop an action plan which will help enhance their wellbeing.  Anyone over 18 can access the service.  People who have used the service include people who are:
  • feeling lonely/ isolated wanting to develop new interests and meet people.
  • feeling  depressed/ anxious and needing help with motivation to get active again.
  • new to their area and wanting to connect with local organisations, meet people and develop new interests.
  • new parents feeling isolated at home with a new baby and looking for help to vary their daily routine.
  • looking for a specific activity/ service and unable to find it e.g. a local fishing club, men’s shed, tai chi class etc.
  • recently retired and missing the social aspect of work, needing help to develop new interests and connections.
People usually have 5-6 meetings (online for now) with their Social Prescribing Coordinator over a period of 6-10 weeks.  People can ask their GP or PHN to refer them or simply pick up the phone directly, Mary or Loretta will be delighted to chat with you.
This pilot is up in May which means it may not be continued in Sligo if it hasn’t been put to good use.  Here in the Volunteer Centre we see a massive need for mental health supports so we hope this project will be continued. Anyone over 18 can access the service, please don’t hesitate to make the call.
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