It’s a bit overwhelming to adapt to life post-lockdown. What will this “new normal” look like?

At the moment, there are a lot of resources and information out there to help organisations get going. We have collated the resources, websites and sources of information that we have found most helpful. We hope these might assist you at community/non-profits too:

Keep in mind that we have a panel of technical, experienced volunteers, including grant writing volunteers who can assist any organisations who need this kind of assistance. 

Your Organisation, Your Services and COVID-19We are working in partnership with Sligo County Council, Sligo PPN and Sligo LEADER Partnership to support our communities to re-open.

We have created a handy checklist of points for organisations to consider (left) for re-opening to safeguard your volunteers, premises, services, service users and customers, and your reputation. Download it here for print. Why not share it?

The HSE and Health and Safety Authority (HSA) have published guidelines and Return to Work Safely Templates, Checklists and Posters. Also, have an assemblage of free printable templates available for COVID-19 signage. See a list of these templates, posters and signs here.

Don’t forget our COVID-19 resources. Here, you will find:

– Guidelines for Volunteers and Groups Activating Volunteers

– Useful templates for Your Group, and

– Additional Useful Information.