Many of us are looking forward to getting out and about again – but for those who are not ready – there are still options to volunteer from home. We have some examples below – these are evolving and changing – so do stay in touch.

Microvolunteering – Short & Snappy

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is running a new initiative ‘Backyard Biodiversity’ to record species found in gardens. The scheme seeks to obtain sightings of 20 recognisable species that can be found in urban and rural gardens. For more information click here. 

Help create hugely important databases of genealogically valuable records. More hands are always needed to move these projects along. Current projects include a Registry of Deeds and Early Irish marriages. Click here for information.

Do a Flower-Insect Timed Count in your garden to add to the data being used to track changes in abundance of these vital insects. See here for info.

The National Library of Ireland who use The Commons on Flickr to upload their hundreds of photos, prints and manuscripts. The public are then invited to help date and provide information on the images, helping add to the National Library’s archive. Click here for info

Other Volunteer From Home Options

Look Good Feel Better Ireland is a free non-medical, brand – neutral programme supporting women by helping them manage the appearance related side-effects of cancer treatment we work remotely over Zoom and WhatsApp providing tips and techniques on make up and skincare.

We are dedicated to improving the wellbeing and self-confidence of people undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. With product donations from many of the major cosmetic brands our professional makeup and beauty volunteers participate in the workshops by sharing their expertise with the patients on how best to apply the makeup and skincare products.

Time Commitment
We ask that volunteers commit to 4 or 5 workshops in a year.

You can find out more here.

Codordojo- Online Community

Join us and meet 12,000 like-minded volunteers.

At this time many Dojo’s are not able to meet in person and therefore have transitioned to running Online Sessions.

Whether or not you can code, we are looking for the next generation of Champions and Mentors that are interested in participating in a new incubator programme.

Working alongside Darren Bayliss – CoderDojo Programme Coordinator – Ireland, you will establish your new CoderDojo in your local area and over six, weeks start to run your Online Sessions.

Find out more here.