Volunteering during COVID-19

Many people want to help in very practical ways at this time. Existing community groups with their existing networks of volunteers are in the main responding to these practical call outs as well as informal networks of neighbours. Here is the map of community responder groups around the County organised by Sligo PPN.

If you are volunteering and assisting informally in your community you may find some of the resources here useful.

In terms of response to the community and COVID-19, we have experienced a number of groups looking to put in place reserves of volunteers for contingency plans if their staff and volunteers become ill or have to self isolate.

This summer and autumn will be unusual as we will not have the usual volunteer roles – there will be no Tidy Towns, no events and festivals who usually need lots of volunteers.

Some of the groups we work with continue to recruit volunteers for their return. We expect to see groups reevaluate and reassess their volunteer programmes in the short term as safety measures have to be put in place.

In the meantime, if you want to check out COVID related roles locally see here. Remember the availability of opportunities will change quickly.